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Almost twenty years after they recorded their first album as a trio, Jonny Hardie, Gavin Marwick and Davy Cattanach returned to the studio for Moonshine, their second album as Up In The Air.

“Two fiddlers and a percussionist, building on their eponymous 1994 album and the more recent Hardie-Marwick collaboration The Blue Lamp: this trio combine hard-core traditional Scottish music with contemporary songs, and vice versa at times. Jonny Hardie and Davy Cattanach were founder members of Old Blind Dogs, and Gavin Marwick of The Iron Horse, both progressive folk bands, so there’s a modern vibe to this music, strongest on Davy’s three songs which range from cajun to calypso via bluegrass country. The eight instrumental tracks stick mainly to the traditional Scots and Irish idiom, with twin fiddles and guitars backed up by fabulously innovative percussion.” –  Living Tradition


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