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The Foxrock Folk Club was a musical and social phenomenon that ran from 1969 to 1973 in the Parish Hall in a suburb of Dublin. Organised and run by local teenagers, during its short life the club presented many of the biggest names in Irish traditional and folk music, jazz and blues, poetry and the arts. However, by a fortunate twist of fate many of the sessions at the club were recorded by a teenage schoolboy with a reel-to-reel tape recorder. These tapes are a unique collection of live recordings of many key Irish musicians and groups. This selection includes thirty-seven rare, and in some cases previously unreleased, recordings by traditional and folk musicians like Luke Kelly, Andy Irvine, Ronnie Drew, Al O’Donnell, Sonny Condell and Dónal Lunny; live recordings of legendary Dublin blues artists like Red Peters, Brian Fry, Johnny Norris and the acoustic blues band, the Dirty Dozens; tracks by one of Ireland’s finest traditional and mainstream jazz bands, the Butler Fox Jazz Band; the unique Irish progressive group, Supply Demand and Curve and very popular musicians and groups like We 4, Danny Doyle & The Gingermen. The compilation is presented as a double-disc album with a sixteen-page booklet.


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