The Rising Souls

The Rising Souls
The Rising Souls

Title: The Rising Souls
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The Rising Souls are frontman Dave Archibald, percussionist Tom Reed and bassist Roy “Kelso” Laing. Dave’s exceptional voice has literally brought grown men and women to tears. Described as a cross between Paul Rodgers and Paulo Nutini, this undiscovered talent has a fierce roar against soft tonal intricacies and heart-warming melodies. Tom’s musicality and timing are impeccable. The captain of the ship, he navigates the audience through a sea of ever-changing rhythm and powerful dynamic. This man is the embodiment of ambidexterity and each of his limbs work in harmony to provide the percussive backdrop for the band. Roy is a soul man by trade, this actual real life giant has extraordinary feel and affinity with his instrument. Weaving out grooves to complement the musical tapestry created by the band. He is the master of the jam and the missing piece of the puzzle. This is their self-titled debut album.


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