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Ian Bruce – Glasgow born Ian has been around a long time. At time of release he’s 64 years old. Both man and music have matured well with time. This album is his 25th release. Known and respected throughout the folk scene but it’s fair to say that most of his releases push the boundaries somewhat. He has a good ear for a melody and a keen lyricist. There’s usually more than just thorough entertainment in his work. This album is no exception. 9 New Self-penned pieces with such diverse subject matter as the the guilt of ridding a house of rodents to girls with multiple personalities to a touching eulogy to Ian’s Sister-in-Law to others that are simply musical fun. Also included is an old favourite unaccompanied traditional number – Dancing at Whitsun.

Victor Besch – Being born in Wales to an English father and Chilean mother makes for a very interesting individual. Fluent in Spanish, English and German. He’s been based in Germany for around 25 years. He formed the award winning Crest-of-Gordon Pipe Band when he moved to Deutschland. (It’s his real baby to be honest.) He’s a keen vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. Not just the Dudelsac but also Recorders, Keys, Guitars, Percussion and Accordions all feature heavily, but tastefully, on the Bruce & Besch collaborations.

Katharina Bramkamp – Kath has lived in Germany all her life – so far. She has been performing since childhood. Singing and Recorder Playing being her main talents although she dabbles in many other instruments. She joined Ian and Vic on a part time basis 10 years ago but has become a full-time major part of the sound they now produce as a trio. This time she’s named on the front cover. That’s it. She’s well in and rightly so.

Frank Deckert – Again German and based in Bremen. He, once again, adds his skills to the bedrock of this music. He loves to play drums and it shows. He plays well. A very welcome addition to this “trio”. (He’s only with them 50% of the time due to his being a full -time teacher and father. Hence it’s not really a quartet.)


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