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George Duff is widely regarded as one of Scotland’s finest singers and interpreters of traditional Scots songs. After a lifetime’s singing, this is his debut solo recording. An accomplished guitarist, hailing from the mining community of Midlothian, George started working for the National Coal Board as an engineer straight from school and worked in both Newtongrange and Bilston Glen, Loanhead until their untimely demise in the 1980’s. So, George’s repertoire is naturally inclined towards the powerful songs about coal mining, but he is also a respected exponent of the songs of Robert Burns, and equally enjoys the traditional ballads and melodies of Ireland. Contemporary writers are also represented in his repertoire, with songs here from the pens of notable Scots wordsmiths Hamish Henderson, Alistair Hulett, Michael Marra, Geordie McIntyre and Brian McNeill. George Duff (vocals, guitars & cittern) is joined here by some of his dearest friends who also happen to be some of Scotland’s finest musicians, including Kevin Macleod of The Occasionals (bouzoukis, cittern, mandolins, tenor guitar & resonator tenor guitars), John Martin of the Tannahill Weavers, Ossian and The Easy Club (fiddle & octave fiddle), Mike Katz of the Battlefield Band (whistle, low whistle & small pipes), Jim Wilson (accordion) Mark Dunlop of Malinky (bodhran & percussion), Martin White (electric slide guitar) and Rob Hiley (piano). This is old style Scottish singing, beautifully performed, and as profound as the mine shafts sunk into the coal-black spaces which deeply influence the singing of George Duff, “The Collier Laddie” himself.


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