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Freumhan Falaichte – Hidden Roots is the brand-new album from Gaelic singer, songmaker, poet and writer Gillebride MacMillan. Well-known for his role as Gwyllyn the Bard in Outlander, this real-life bard has released an album of his own compositions.

All 11 tracks on this album are self-composed melodies and self-written lyrics in Gillebride’s native Gaelic. Freumhan Falaichte is a body of work that explores personal, societal and political themes, as well as Gaelic traditions and customs.

Gillebride MacMillan is from South Uist in the Outer Hebrides. A fluent, first language Gaelic speaker, Gillebride comes from a family with strong Gaelic song and music traditions – his father was an accomplished piper and his mother has a great knowledge of Gaelic songs and poetry. Gillebride learnt English in school and is now also fluent in the Galician and Spanish languages too.

Gillebrìde is joined on the album by a stellar cast of musicians including Mhairi Hall, Julie Fowlis, Ewan MacPherson, Natalie Haas, Anna-Wendy Stevenson, Fraser Fifield and Donald Hay.


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