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The Blood of Angels is the third album from virtual band Imaginary Creatures. The group is a studio project formed by the collaboration of lyricist and songwriter David Scott along with producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Iain McKinna. On the previous two albums, Iain handled all the lead vocals, but this time vocal duties are split between Iain and singer and songwriter Brian Rice. For the first time we also feature a female lead vocalist, as Pip Burnett sings the haunting jazz ballad ‘A Fateful Night in a Film Noir World’.


Several of the tracks on the album feature jazz leanings, and two songs have full brass section arrangements. Some great jazz musicians have contributed to the album, notably saxophonist John Burgess, Cameron Jay on trumpet, and leading jazz pianist Brian Kellock.


Other songs are more firmly in the rock/pop mould, with guitar maestro Keith More once again adding his stunning lead work to several tracks. The lyrics weave stories that explore the dark underside of the human mind and heart.


The album was mainly recorded at Offbeat Studios in the heart of Edinburgh, with some work done at Heartbeat Studio in Midlothian.



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