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This CD bundle includes two albums Always Seeking and Fag Ash and Beer, and two singles Elvis Has Left The Building – Super Deluxe and Give Me Your Horse.

Always Seeking (2023) is a mix of acoustic, rock, blues, jazzy elements, saloon piano and a Western cinematic theme, loosely imagined as a noir Western soundtrack. Jake is joined by the musicians from his first album, Steve Lodder on keyboards, Davide Mantovani on bass, Marc Parnell on drums, Steve Waterman on trumpet (“some of the best players in the UK” – Linley Hamilton, BBC) with guest appearances by fusion guitarist John Etheridge and singer Kate Kurdyak. The CD and poster-booklet features artwork by Anthony Macbain. “Always Seeking really is a proper immersive experience, way beyond good songwriting and performance. Fourteen tracks that create a whole much greater than its collective parts, scope and vision abound, but above all it’s just a great listen.” – FATEA RECORDS

Fag Ash and Beer (2019) Jake’s first album is a collection of songs, longer lyrical offerings, solo acoustic and band instrumentals. “One of the most surprisingly good albums I’ve heard in a very long time. You’ve got soul funk grooves, solo acoustic, urban poetry. It’s a phenomenal album.” – ROOTS AND FUSION

Elvis Has Left The Building – Super Deluxe (2022) This single features Steve Waterman on trumpet and John Etheridge on lead guitar.

Give Me Your Horse (2018) Jake’s single from 2018 with Steve Lodder on keyboards, Steve Waterman on trumpet and Guy Pratt on bass. “This next one is a treat. It’s unusual, it’s also gonna put a smile on your face. Think Mariachi, think 1800s, Western, America, Mexico and this will finally seal it for you – the track title – Give Me Your Horse! Give Me Your Horse! What a great name! I think there’s a Movie Soundtrack in this one actually” – LINLEY HAMILTON, BBC


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