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Linda Jarrett is an International Spiritual Global Teacher, Author, Meditation Teacher, Golden Light Energy Healer, Clairvoyant, and Light Language Channel, Linda speak Lemurian Light Language

Linda’s message as Founder and Ambassador of the 144 Temples of Golden Light that surround our earth in the etheric of Mother Earth is to spread the love of Golden Light and heal humanity and Mother Earth. Linda received inspiration to record a relaxation meditation album to help people, Relax and Let Go, of the stresses and strains in life, to gain Inner Peace, Balance, Calm, Focus and Clarity of Mind. These meditations weave together: guided visualisations by spoken word, colour, soft background music and musical tones.

Linda’s meditations will help you along a journey of love, light and healing, thereby helping you to raise your vibration and let go of old stuck energy: to welcome in new positive energy through embracing change within. The Temples of Golden Light are a gift from source to re-balance planet earth with goddess energy, raising the vibration through ascension. There are 144 Temples of golden Light placed around the globe acting as a very powerful healing grid of energy working for the highest good of humanity and Mother Earth.


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