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Linda Jarrett is an International Global Spiritual Teacher, Author, Meditation Teacher, Golden Light Healer, Clairvoyant and Light Language Channel, Linda speaks Lemurian Light Language

These Meditations will help you connect to the beautiful Rainbow Angels giving you Balance, Harmony, Inner Peace and Joy, the Rainbow Angels surround the many Temples of Golden Light placed in the etheric of Mother Earth all around the world. Rainbow Angels are wonderful healing angels that work with the Temples of Golden Light giving healing on all levels, mind body and soul, working overseen by Archangel Metaziel and his twin flame Archangel Honoriel who are in charge of all of the Rainbow Angels. Archangel Metaziel and Archangel Honoriel work with Archangel Metatron.

The Rainbow Angels are new to our planet, they will help you to raise your vibration on all levels, emotionally, mentally and physically as the Rainbow Angels can clear all of your chakras that’s your energy centres in one go to help you heal. The Rainbow Angels are ninth dimensional angels of tremendous light and love, they have multi-coloured wings sometimes all the colours of the rainbow and some rainbow angels have pastel multicoloured wings of pure vibrational light and healing qualities.


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