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Linda Jarrett is an International Global Spiritual Teacher, Author, Meditation Teacher, Golden Light Energy Healer, Clairvoyant, and Light Language channel, Linda speaks Lemurian Light Language.

Her message is peace as she is the Founder and Ambassador of the many Temples of Golden Light surrounded by Rainbow Angels her mission is to spread awareness of compassion and love to help to heal humanity and our planet earth. These meditations will connect you to some of the many Temples of golden Light, that have been placed in the etheric of Mother Earth all around the world. Connecting you to the Temples, New York USA, Bhutan Himalayas, Mount Shasta California USA, Uluru Australia, Lourdes France and Stonehenge England UK.

There are 144 Temples of Golden Light at present, placed around the globe acting as a very powerful healing grid of energy working for the highest good of humanity, and Mother Earth. There are 33 Temples of Golden Light surrounded by Cities of Light. The Temples of Golden Light are a gift from Source to re-balance planet earth with Goddess energy raising the vibration through ascension. All the Temples of Golden Light perform specific healing functions and maybe able to help you with the following, healing emotions, healing physical body disharmony, healing heart issues, healing the mind, healing children and animals.


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