Na h-Eileanaich


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Na h-Eileanaich grew out of weekly group-work classes arranged by Fèis T’ir a’ Mhurain in South Uist. The group worked with local musicians with additional guidance from Iain MacDonald (Glenuig), Norrie MacIver (Mànran) and with support from Feisean nan Gaidheal.
The group performed at the opening of the Hebridean Celtic Festival in 2011 and since they they have created their own arrangements and developed their own style; this E.P. captures some of their energetic interpretations of traditional music.
“I met Na h-Eileanaich a few years back through a feis project and they were great fun to work with. It’s always great to see young folk so keen and interested in the music they play. They played at the Hebridean Celtic Festival and when I heard them in the sound-check I couldn’t believe it was the same band I had rehearsals with in Uist a few months before. They got their heads down and worked so hard to put these great sets together. Great Island music from a great young band. ‘S math a runn sibh!!” Norrie Tago MacIver, Mànran.
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