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Button Box Breakdown is a collection of Old Time, Bluegrass and Western Swing instrumentals played on the Cajun accordion. Peter Croft has drawn together various strands of Americana and showcases them with the aid of Mark Jones (guitar) and Hazel Fairbairn (fiddle and viola). The trio first played together in the 1980s and this album marks their reunion.

Peter has been steeped in traditional music since childhood and the short-lived skiffle boom, which opened the door to awareness of the various strands of American traditional music. The music of the Cajuns of Louisiana, with its mix of plaintive blues and infectious dance rhythms, enthralled him and the Cajun accordion became his chosen instrument.

Peter, Mark and Hazel first met in Cambridge. They played together in pubs and for ceilidhs, fusing Celtic influences with Blues, Ragtime, Old Time, Bluegrass and Cajun. Mark is an experienced Bluegrass flatpick guitarist; Hazel brought her wealth of knowledge of Irish traditional tunes to the mix, together with a growing appreciation of Bluegrass and Cajun. Now, thirty years on, they get together again to present this collection. There are fiddle tunes from Appalachia and Texas, a blues from Louisiana, a bonus Cajun two-step and two self-penned tunes by Peter, including one which is an homage to his grandfather’s First World War experience.

Mountain fiddle music played on the Cajun accordion was the plan. Here is the result.


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