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Questio io brings together six of the most exciting musicians from Glasgow’s increasingly interconnected folk and jazz scenes and allows them the freedom to try out a variety of new things in this playfully unconventional line-up. Sitting somewhere in the gaps between the two genres the band is a foray into a vibrant musical world filled with big grooves and unexpected happenings, where the excited questioning of everything can be expected!

Their debut album Take A Moment Apart is a collection of tunes written by Michael Owers (with additional lyrics by Gillian Fleetwood) examining the multiple sides of some of the tiny moments that could define a lifetime. Unapologetic nostalgia, empathy and glaring personal weaknesses are all looked at in detail. These subjects, and more, are treated with suitable doses of humour, tenderness and (occasionally) rage over the course of the album but a feeling of warmth and joy is never far away!

Recorded/mixed by the amazing Mattie Foulds at Caribou Recording, and mastered by the truly masterful Stuart Hamilton at Castlesound Studios, it is safe to say that the record sounds enormous and delicate in equal measures. The album also features incredible artwork by Lizzy Doe who perfectly captured the feeling of entering a new world whilst somehow still being tethered to some aspects of reality.

questio io are:

Greg Barry – Drums (Elephant Sessions)

Gillian Fleetwood – Harp/Vocals (The Duplets)

Michael Owers – Brass/Keys (SNJO)

Charlie Stewart – Bass (Dosca)

Innes Watson – Guitar (Treacherous Orchestra)

Laura Wilkie – Fiddle (Fat-Suit)



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