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“Make way for a fresh genre – an energetic mix of Scottish traditional and world fusion – this band really are alternative.” The Jam, Glasgow.

Reely Jiggered, 02 ABC Winners of SoundWave Music Competition, are bursting with talent, alive with creativity and live to perform. They are inspired by Celtic Folk music, intrigued by World beats and melodies and are an interesting and unique fusion of funk, rock, pop and jazz taking folk music to new heights.

To go to one of their gigs is to be taken on a heady musical journey with furious fiddling, haunting traditional melodies, self-penned songs and eastern reel twists by Royal Conservatoire of Scotland trained Alison McNeill. They are a uniquely rich visual and aural experience with a soaring diva soprano, the beauty of acoustic instruments, revved up by driving bass lines, wah-wah pedals and rocked up rhythms. Reely Jiggered is a powerhouse of diverse musicians who use their different musical backgrounds to create an exotic, unusual, inspiring and unique musical signature.

As one of Scotland’s most interesting bands, they have headlined at International Festivals including Celtival (Italy), Volmarstein (Germany), Eden Festival (Scotland) and Musica en Verano (Mexico). They have toured Pakistan and have appeared in top venues such as Edinburgh Castle, Stirling Castle, 02 abc, The Garage, Oran Mor, Cosmovitral (Mexico), The Lyre (Tokyo) and Minami Aizu Concert Hall (Japan).

Tricky Terrain is Reely Jiggered’s third album. The album takes its inspiration from the band’s travels and their home by the River Clyde. Alison McNeill’s compositions and lyrics are a reflection of the landscape, the people, the light and the water. New works are supported by atmospheric arrangements of songs of a past resident of the band’s coastal home – Robert Burns. This album is current, exploring politics, mental health and world issues. Sewn into this latest output is a celebration of Scottish Culture and Cultural Diversity.

Alison McNeill Fiddle & Vocals
Fiona McNeill Guitar
Scott McLean Drums
Stuart Taylor Keyboard

Produced by Gregor McPhie, Alison McNeill & Fiona McNeill
Recorded & Engineered at The HQ Glasgow


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