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Years ago, after much hesitation, I decided to purposefully engage with what had inadvertently become an extensive collection of the songs I had written and recorded.

As part of a somewhat makeshift plan, I arranged a visit to a well known local recording studio. The intention was to explore ideas on how I might develop the collection. It was on that day I met Brian McNeill and he agreed to work on some of the songs.

Then he disappeared.

After a further period of several years during which I made random attempts to interest him in more of my material, he reappeared.

This album consists of most of the tracks he has worked on, both before and after his disappearance. He had been living a very full and interesting life in the intervening years and several of the songs which had remained active in my catalogue had faded from his memory. But on hearing them again – with only one exception – they were immediately recognised and conclusively affirmed to have been arranged by him during his days of working at the studio.

Most of them will be familiar to anyone who follows my work but a main purpose in bringing this selection together is to acknowledge the very important contribution which Brian J McNeill has made to the songs.


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