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Tom is a highly regarded and prolific Scottish songwriter. Produced and engineered in Austin, Texas by Grammy nominated producer, Merel Bregante, it features musicians who have played alongside Doc Watson, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Jackson Browne to name but a few.

Tom co-writes with fellow poet Bob Shields and together they produce the words that Tom’s melodies provoke. Tom writes across genres but it was his fondness for Americana and the obvious connections between it and Scottish folk music that gave rise to this particular mixture, which Merel christened, Celticana.

It includes songs that create an image of musicians drawing on their roots, joining in together on the back porch and enjoying the sheer pleasure that music inspires as well as songs that speak to a shared heritage, one that includes the diaspora, poverty, loss and longing as well as the struggle towards freedom.

The artwork by Ronnie Elliot was based on the most primitive art in the world, cave drawings, which Tom and Ronnie both felt captured something of the shared humanity in the songs and how music can speak to some of our most basic desires; our identity and our need to communicate.

Tom doesn’t ever take himself too seriously but don’t discount a word or a note on this wonderful CD. It is filled with great songs, great words, meaning and enjoyment. It is the very soul of Celticana.


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