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Open The Skylights is an album from singer/songwriter Tom Houston, a somewhat belated follow-up to his 1989 album Filling In The Cracks. Produced by Neill MacColl, the album is one of depth and intrigue, fusing together potent songs, imaginative melodies and impeccable musicianship.


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2 reviews for Tom Houston

  1. Graham Denton

    BIG congratulations on the ‘Open the Skylights’ album. It’s a very fine set of songs, which I enjoyed listening to a great deal. A mix of lovely melodies and haunting tunes throughout. And those sharp, dark lyrics cutting through all of them. Overall, a fabulous job done.

  2. Ian MacNeish

    This is very good. I hear what I suspect are influences of one or two other, more famous singers, not better just more famous. Buggered if I remember who they are, but I will.

    There is definitely, to my mind anyway, a bit of that guy who wrote and sung bird on the wire, Cohen. Slight touch on Rab Noakes, just a wee bit. There is definately someone else in there. It is really good. I have listened three times and it is now on my itunes. I really enjoyed it. Well done A talent.

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