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History isn’t a thing of the past, we’re making it now.

Gaelic used to be spoken all over Scotland, and the descendants of its speakers are spread across the world.  La Banda celebrates this incredible scattering of people with Struileag / Children of the Smoke. Struileag is a two-year international project which includes a large scale multimedia show, book of poetry, BBC art film, international online storytelling project, and this album… all brought to you by a team of 70 artists, writers and performers. Children of the Smoke is a major new musical production. It is a universal story about all of us and about what we call home. Be carried on an epic journey into the world of the Gael, a people scattered across the globe.


Seonaid Aitken, Anna-Wendy Stevenson, Patsy Reid, Christoff Fourie, Su-a Lee, Euan Burton, Fraser Fifield, Angus Lyon, Rachel Newton, Jim Rattigan, Matheu Watson, Ben Holloway, Iain Sandilands, Alan Emslie, Jim Sutherland.


Calum Barker, Joy Dunlop, David (Corvid) McCallum, Allan MacDonald, Kathleen MacInnes, Fiona MacKenzie, Rachel Newton, Brian Ó hEadhra, Alasdair Whyte, Alistair Dixon.

Music composed by Jim Sutherland.


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