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Almost an Island is the seventh album from folk-rock heavyweights Wolfstone, first released in 2002. After the success of their previous effort, expectations were high, but the album delivered through and through, going from strength to strength. Crammed full of the pipe-driven folk rock that has become the band’s signature sound, it was their first studio album to be released on their own label, Once Bitten Records.


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3 reviews for Wolfstone

  1. Mr. S. Rawcliffe

    Not sure how it happened, but Wolfstone went completely under my radar for many years. This is a fabulous album, balancing beautifully between rock and folk. If you like Horslips, Runrig or Alan Stivell, I suggest that you order ‘Almost an Island’ immediately. If you like Barry White or Lady Gaga you’ll probably hate it. If you already know Wolfstone, why didn’t you tell me??

    Deftly blending traditional tunes with driving rhythm, there’s track after track that sends a shiver down the spine. MUST see these guys live…..
    ON AMAZON UK 13th January 2010

  2. "mrgrumpyreturns"

    This albumn is a briliant example of scotlands best celtic rock band, they are very underrated and little known considering there talent and skill. Almost a Island demands to be played loud, this CD CANNOT be played quietly.
    Wolfstone’s songs are played with feeling and enthusiasm, admittedly the vocals could be improved slightly but this is a minor error as there real skill is the ability to mix traditional instruments like the fiddle and bagpipes with modern electric guitars, and so giving a unique sound.
    Probably the best track on the Cd is track 6 (5/4 Madness), is gives a classic example of what wolfstone are all about, but to really appreciate them you have to see them in concert.
    ON AMAZON UK 5th December 2003

  3. M. Evans

    I’ll admit to a bias – Wolfstone are the greatest band in existence. This CD is the pinnacle of what they have achieved. Modernised, mellowed out Celtic Music that can be listened to at any time, and only the most closed-off-pop-teenybopper would dismiss it out of hand. This CD adopts much the same style as the previous effort Seven. As ever, the instrumental tracks are wonderfully structured and take you on a ride, letting you build stories in your mind to accompany the music. Exquisite.
    Once you’ve got this and fallen in love, try Seven, then have a look at the reincarnated Runrig ("The stamping ground" & "Proterra"), the unique Peatbog Faeries, Skyedance and all those others you couldn’t bring yourself to buy ‘cus they were in the oh so uncool ‘folk’ section. Wake up, Celtic Music has evolved.
    ON AMAZON UK 8th December 2003

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