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Terra Firma is the eighth album from Wolfstone, perhaps Scotland’s finest folk-rock band. With Terra Firma, the band took to their long-established genre with a creative hatchet. For the most part, they did away with the classic folk-rock stylings to produce a sharper and harder sound. The shift in sound was welcomed by fans and critics alike, and many argued that the album could be seen as the band’s most commercial release to date.


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3 reviews for Wolfstone

  1. China Geordie, Macau, via Hong Kong Macau

    For me, this is Wolfstone meets Del Amitri. Perhaps they should join forces for what would be the coup de grace in Scottish/Celtic rock? I have all their recordings and wouldn’t mind adding a Justin Currie-Ross Hamilton collaboration to the collection. The only disappointment on ‘Terra Firma’ is ‘The Bloody Bouzouki’which would have been a perfect opportunity to do an Ivan Drever/ Donal Lunny. The additional musicians on ‘Terra Firma’ does indeed show how the band is ‘evolving’. What is Iain Harvie doing with himself these days?
    ON AMAZON UK 24th May 2008

  2. M. Lawrence, Switzerland

    After a long break of finding new CD’s from Wolfstone, this one was definitely a must to listen to. I’d previously seen them live (Lemon Tree @ Aberdeen) and found a great Scottish rock group. However this last CD was actually a disappointment; perhaps they have evolved too much for my ear… Certainly a lot has happened in the intervening years…

    The CD is definitely not bad – but did not contain the same magic as earlier releases, such as 7 or Half Tail. Perhaps the best line would be to say; expect something good but different.
    ON AMAZON UK 30th December 2007

  3. Rock N Reel

    The band have taken their living, breathing and roaring version of the evolving folk tradition another step further, this time round largely eschewing the classic folk-rock stylings of yore, substituting a sharper, harder and more focused contemporary rock edge and helping them produce arguably their most commercial album to date.

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