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Robert Lambie is a singer/songwriter from Scotland. Moon Bay Tides, released by Broad St. Music Productions, is his debut album. The result of a voyage of creative discovering, the album uncovers vast musical landscapes and acoustic expressions of the human condition. Composed of honest lyrics, unforgettable melodies and frank emotion, Moon Bay Tides is a beautiful commentary that looks at the fragility of the heart and the resilience of the spirit in the ebb and flow of life.

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7 reviews for Robert Lambie

  1. Lynne Walder

    Super excited to see that I am the first person to write a review. I downloaded this album this morning and can not stop listening to it. I try to always support artists that have a great talent and This guy certainly is an outstanding songwriter that should be a major Scottish artist. What a pleasure to listen to a real singer with something to tell you immersed in outstanding musicianship and melodies. Absolutely love this album.

  2. emmanuel start

    great album looking forward to hearing more

  3. Litisha Karlsen

    Brilliant singer and songwriter. Love this album, definatley recommended! xxx

  4. ThePersonUnknown

    I love the acoustics, absolutely Beautiful.

  5. mirrie hogben

    Simply loved Robert Lambie’s beautiful voice and the contents of his songs are so emotional, and have . IK don’t mind admitting the tears flowed…especially as it had a great bearing on life when he sang A place Of Ages…….Just go out and buy this…it is unforgetable!..Mirrie…

  6. Heather

    Love this CD, where can I find the lyrics as they are truly profound! Great songs.

  7. fancypants

    Well, Robert is definitely not A singer and I would say he is not A great song writer either. I would not recommend buying this CD as it is very boring. Played it once, but definitely won’t be playing it again, that’s for sure!! But then again, this is only my opinion.

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