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The Véloniños; From way out West Port Glasgow and beyond. Their musical influences firmly rooted in americana, rock ‘n’ roll, country and rockabilly, Inspired by the likes of Hank Williams, Gene Vincent, Carl Perkins and The Everlys, to name but a few. This is the debut album from the group, featuring all six tracks from their previously released digital EP and four brand new tracks.

“We’d like to think there’s a little of who we are and where we come from in the songs too, Levengrove Park, Helenstown and These Quiet Lands are all relevant to where we live and we hope you’ll enjoy this album for what it is: a no nonsense rockin’ record in all its different guises.”

– The Véloniños

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  1. Alison

    This is well put together album and has Davie Duncan and Kenny McLellan aka RAILROAD KEN both who was in the Shakin Pyramids. Well done boys!!!!!

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