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House on Sand is the debut album from singer/songwriter Gavin Fraser. An orchestral conductor, composer and pianist, Gavin’s sound world has its roots in the singer/songwriter folk rock and progressive rock movements. Although his style stands on its own, listeners may detect influences such as the Eagles, Al Stewart, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, James Taylor and Genesis.

House on Sand reminds you why music was once the centre of your life. Why a soaring guitar could grab your ear and take you to a new world. Why you heard something new every time you listened to your favourite track.

House on Sand’s songs explore situations arising from life and relationships, often with irony and wry humour. The music has many layers of sound and textures change continuously. The musicianship is outstanding. The playing on acoustic and electric guitars, acoustic pianos, synthesizers and keyboards is inspired. As is the intelligent drumming and percussion and the orchestration for the substantial string and brass orchestra.

Gavin enjoys time with his children, travelling and his various music and art projects.


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